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Zach Clark was born in 1983 in Denver, Colorado. He studied photography at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs until he dropped out to join a rock and roll band and spent several years living in vans, busses, and hotel rooms, even though his professor tried to tell him he was a much better artist than he was a musician. Zach is inclined to agree with her in hindsight. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago to complete his studies and graduate with a BFA in Painting. Shortly after graduating, he relocated to Oakland, CA where he fell in love with printmaking, letterpress, and baseball. He completed his MFA at the University of California at Davis, where he focused within printmaking, book arts, and photography.

His work is concerned with themes of locational memory, heritage, and community. He is the founding editor of Composite, a free quarterly electronic arts magazine

He can be reached by zach@zachclarkis.com



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